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About Lincolnshire V Hunger

Sudanese Farmer
Sudanese Farmer

Lincolnshire V Hunger is a project created by an existing Lincolnshire based charity (Shepherd Food Ministries) who believe that it is a basic human right for people not to starve in the 21st century.

Our goal: Lincolnshire v Hunger empowers grassroots communities in Lincolnshire to participate with, and work alongside, governments and international institutions to achieve the objective of the UN’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG1 now Sustainable Development Goals) of reducing poverty and hunger by two thirds. This MDG represents one of eight goals signed by representatives of 189 countries in 2000. These objectives were supposed to be achieved in 2015, but many of the targets have still not been met. We believe that, as the food basket of the UK, Lincolnshire is the ideal county to adopt MDG1 and strive to alleviate hunger and poverty.  

Funds raised: The Lincolnshire v Hunger campaign highlights the continuing struggle of 1.2 billion people who are still living in extreme poverty, both at home and overseas, and raises financial provisions to improve their living conditions and future prospects.


  • Food Bank Lincoln: to support its work in helping vulnerable people.
  • Shepherd Farmers Academy: to provide training and continuing technical support to small scale farmers in Nigeria to help reduce post harvest loss, estimated at 70 percent within three weeks of harvesting.
  • Shepherd Treasured Academy and Resources: to provide empwerment training and computer literacy to widows in Nigeria.

We hope that this campaign will motivate other counties and major cities across the world to adopt one of the MDGs or SDGs.

Patrons: the Rt Revd Christopher Lowson (the Bishop of Lincoln); Rt Revd James Popoola (Diocesan Bishop of Osun); Lord Victor Adebowale.

Shepherd Food Ministries: Shepherd Food Ministries (SFM) was established in 2007 to explore a sustainable and impactful approach to achieving the objectives of MDG1/SDG. With the generous support from the people of Lincolnshire, SFM bought 103 acres in the State of Osun, south/western Nigeria and two tractors to establish a demonstratio farm to train farmers who are member of Shepherd Farmers Academy.

SFM ran a workshop for 100 farmers in Iddo, Oyo-State in 2013 with the support of the National Centre for Food Manufacturing at the University of Lincoln and the Nigeria Stored Product Research Institute, Ibadan, Oyo-State. This farmer cooperative produce over 3,000 tonnes of food, most of which is wasted due to lack of storage and processing facilities. The establishment of the Farmers’ Academy will help them to overcome these challenges.

Shepherd Farmers Academy

Shepherd Treasured Academy